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What is the best computer on the market?

As the computer guy or gal you always get that question. What is the best computer on the market? Well that depends now doesn’t it. Do you want a desktop or a laptop? Does it need to be ultra portable? Mac or Windows or maybe even Linux? Well I’ve got a few recommendations for you.

If you want a desktop you’ve got two options. You can get an iMac which comes with everything built in to the screen with solid processing power, the latest version of OSX, and well one of Apple’s well known great quality big monitors. If you want to go with Windows there are a slue of new Windows 8 desktops available, but the best one seem to be the Dell XPS One 27. Fully touch screen capable to fit with the new Windows 8 UI this PC gets top notch in build quality as well as speed. Both options are priced similarly though the iMac seems to have better specs as you forgo the extra money Dell put towards the touch screen.

In the laptop space you basically have two sectors. You have something that’s trying to be ultra portable, and then you have something trying to be a regular laptop. Honestly while there are a slue of new Windows 8 ultrabooks available the MacBook Air still rules this category. Sure it might be slightly more expensive, but the Windows 8 Ultrabooks are hardly cheap. Plus the Air wins out on overall quality. Nobody has yet to match apples keyboard and touchpad combination. Quite frankly if you can spring for the larger 13″ model it would be the go to laptop I’d recommend out of all laptops quiet honestly.

If portability doesn’t mean much then you have a different choice. Windows laptops tend to offer much more bang for your buck. The MacBook Pro while a great machine is going to cost you 1,500 on up depending on your model.  If you got that kind of cash to splurge go ahead and be my guest. Still for the average user I’d much rather suggest a regular Windows laptop from Lenovo. They make solid laptops for both personal and business use in a wide range of prices and performance.

Finally if your a gamer you’re probably best off just building your own desktop. You’ll get the best parts, performance, and cost. If you have to have a gaming laptop there are always Dell’s Alienware line, but beware. They tend to be big, put out a lot of heat, and suck the battery down. If you want to go the open source route System 76 rules the roost. They have a full range of desktops and laptops, and are the go to maker if you want a Linux computer right of the box.

So what is the best computer? Well that all depends on what you need, and your price point. Still I’m partial to the MacBook Air as the best all around choice these days with a Lenovo Laptop if you want the best bang for your buck.

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